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Improving Homes for 25 Years

BPS Surfacing are a long established company with a history of outstanding workmanship. We ensure customer satisfaction by providing high quality materials combined with a qualified and experienced staff. Because of our trade connections, we are able to pass on significant discounts to the customers who contact us directly. We are proud to say that our reputation within trade circles is extremely high. We are sub-contracted by a large number of companies for the more "challenging" jobs. This means that over the years we have developed skills and expertise through experience. With this knowledge comes confidence and an ability to save our customers money without cutting corners.
Put simply - BSP Surfacing has the connections and the skill to save you money.


A Family Business

The core values of good business have been passed from father to sons. Look after your customers and do the best job you can. This has ensured that our reputation has grown, first within the trade and now directly with the public. The simple rules of never leaving a job until the customer is happy, keeping the job tidy and safe and taking pride in looking back at a job 20 years after its completion and seeing that all is still in order. Some things never go out of fashion.




Moving with the Times

But don't think we are lost in the past! BPS Surfacing is right up to date with industry standards and the latest trends in taste and style. Because we sub-contract to councils and government bodies, all of our staff have the appropriate qualifications and training. Our equipment is well maintained and regularly serviced. We are reliable and trustworthy. You benefit from the highest quality at the lowest prices, safe in the knowledge that your driveway, path and garden will be the envy of your neighbours for many years to come (and you probably paid a lot less than they did).


Just in case you missed it!

Take a quick look at the van in the first picture. Did you notice the sign at the top? BPS Surfacing is proud to say that we provide our staff with a fully equipped Welfare Unit for longer projects. No more workmen with muddy boots in your home! No more endless making tea and coffee and best of all our Welfare Unit has complete rest room facilities. A hygienic and efficient solution that means you will have no worries at all!


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